10 Affordable New Items Coming to Dollar Tree This Spring

Using your own shopping basket is a convenient way to shop and transport your groceries to the car.

Collapsible Shopping Baskets

Mason jars aren’t necessarily a new Dollar Tree item, but the retailer recently upgraded its 14-ounce mason jars to 28-ounce versions for the same $1.25 price.

Mason Jars

They come with lids in sets of four for only $1.25, and one shopper commented on the retailer’s website that they hold up well and can be reused without holding odors from previous foods.

SureFresh Reusable Containers

The long reach tool is back in stock. This item is always a big hit when they return, according to The Deal Guy

Long Reach Tool

Dollar Tree’s dryer balls are finally back. The Deal Guy tested these himself and found that they perform well against the Amazon alternative.

Dryer Balls

Scrub Buddies Quick Erasers are one of DollarTree.com’s most highly rated and reviewed products.

Scrub Buddies Quick Eraser Sheets

If you don’t have a green thumb, Dollar Tree sells Flower Rocket and Tomato Rocket. All you have to do is place the Flower Rocket or Tomato Rocket in loose soil and water it daily.

Flower Rocket and Tomato Rocket

The Deal Guy says he can usually get two summers out of one pair, and for $1.25, these are a steal.

Flip Flops

Just in time for Easter, which is March 31 this year, Dollar Tree has a huge selection of Easter-themed products on its shelves.

Easter-Themed Products

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