Rottweilers check off every box on the guard dog checklist: They are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world.


German shepherds have been used by military and police organizations for decades. They exemplify most of the traits found in good guard dogs, as they’re intelligent, loving and brave.

German Shepherd

Dobermans are in the same size class with Rotties and shepherds, but they make the most of their size with their tall build and pointed ears.

Doberman Pinscher

Originally conceived to deter poachers, bull mastiffs have provided protective services to their humans since their inception.

Bull Mastiffs

Schnauzers are somewhat mischievous and very intelligent, so while they can be a joy for experienced dog owners, they are not ideal for beginners.

Giant Schnauzer

Great Pyrenees may not have the sensitivity and need for human interaction that some other dogs do, but they are generally sweet and loving, if somewhat aloof.

Great Pyrenees

They are not especially territorial, defensive or protective, but they are ready to act in order to protect the safety of their family.

Great Dane

The Belgian Malinois is likely the favorite breed of professional protection dog trainers, and they’re likely the most common breed working for police and military units in the US.

Belgian Malinois

Dutch shepherds have a lot in common with their Belgian and German cousins, but they’re often regarded as being easier to train.

Dutch Shepherd

The American Bulldog is a sensitive and affectionate breed who is typically fiercely protective of his family.

American Bulldog

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