10 Healthy Trader Joe’s Items That are So Tasty

One of the most popular items at Trader Joe’s is its Everything But the Bagel seasoning, which evokes the aroma of a fresh and flavorful New York City bagel.

Everything But the Bagel seasoning

Especially when it has this kind of quality and for just $1.99. The option of low-sodium is also available for the same price.

Organic free range chicken broth

Trader Joe's delivers on the price, the healthy option, and the cute packaging as usual. Try it in the air-fryer and make it extra crisp and healthy.

Organic chicken nuggets

Here's a quality, fairly priced, and waste-free option. The bag of teeny tiny avocados only costs $3.49 and it comes with six counts of perfectly sized avocados

Teeny tiny avocados

If you’re not familiar with the nutritional value of edamame, they’re recommended by many dietitians because they’re quite healthy.

Shelled edamame

These legumes are also a healthy source of protein, meaning they can serve as a filling alternative to red meat.

Steamed lentils

The latest in pasta alternative trends, Trader Joe’s sells a nine-ounce package of hearts of palm pasta for $3.49. What’s magic about this food is that it replaces less nutritious carb-laden pasta.

Hearts of palm pasta

If you want a healthy and affordable family-style main course, Trader Joe’s makes an excellent Italian-style turkey meatloaf.

Italian turkey style meatloaf

Although fresh produce can be hit or miss at any grocer, we’re a huge fan of Trader Joe’s sugar snap peas.

Sugar snap peas

Trader Joe’s makes a variety of fresh salads, such as the lemon chicken arugula salad ($5.49, 9.2 ounces) and the peanut udon noodle salad ($4.99, 11.75 ounces).

To-go salads

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