10 "Ritz Cracker" Recipes 

10 "Ritz Cracker" Recipes

Its mild flavor has broad appeal. I especially like the way that the crumb topping adds a bit of crunch to each meaty serving

Chicken Casserole with Ritz Crackers

This family-favorite side dish is quick to fix and full of flavor. Because it simmers in a slow cooker, it frees up my oven for other things.

Slow-Cooked Broccoli

Instead of throwing out leftover mashed potatoes, use them to make this potato croquette recipe. The little baked balls are yummy with ranch dressing, barbecue sauce or Dijon mayonnaise for dipping.

Bacon-Cheddar Potato Croquettes

New Mexican cuisine is my favorite, and this quiche uses an avocado crust filled with many delicious ingredients. Top with chopped cilantro for garnish

Mexicali Quiche with Avocado Crust

When my husband and I moved to the South, we discovered our love for pimiento cheese! Its addition lends flair to this tried-and-true southern meatloaf recipe.

Southern-Style Meat Loaf

Kids love making these simple pizza crackers. I like to use pizza sauce from a squeeze bottle to make it easier for them. Just make sure an adult is there to put the crackers in the oven.

Pizza Crackers

This recipe is my quick way to prepare all the fresh walleye hooked by the anglers in my family

Honey Walleye

Bringing over this chicken noodle casserole was the one thing I could think of to help them out in a tiny way and let them know I was thinking of them

Chicken & Egg Noodle Casserole

They taste just like the Girl Scout cookie, and they're perfect for Christmas and bake sales.

Easy Mint Thins

This beautiful cheesecake appetizer can be refrigerated up to 24 hours before serving, so it's the perfect make-ahead recipe for holidays, game days or special occasions.

Baby Swiss Appetizer Cheesecake

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