10 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are Amazing Family Dogs

GSDs possess an almost telepathic ability to understand human emotions and intentions, so they’re excellent at learning anything their owners or handlers wish to teach them.

Extremely Trainable

Unsurprisingly, being highly trainable, German Shepherds are exceptionally intelligent and quick to respond appropriately to external cues, like hazards or commands.

Highly Intelligent

Although they are often viewed as a ‘serious’ working breed, German Shepherds are playful and exuberant when not on duty.


GSDs are highly attuned to their owners, often able to read body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions to accurately decipher human moods.


Whether navigating city streets or open prairies, German Shepherds are pretty adaptable dogs despite their large size.


Despite their large size and imposing reputation, GSDs are talented at making their families laugh and often entertain their loved ones with quirky antics and goofy games.


When raised in a loving family environment, most German Shepherds are gentle and patient, despite their large size and wolfish appearance.


If you’re looking for courage in your four-legged friend, then a German Shepherd is undoubtedly worth considering. No matter the threat or risk to their own lives .


Like any dog breed, German Shepherds can be trained to be aggressive in certain situations, but this is not their default personality.


If you live in a more northerly state or at altitude, German Shepherds are hardy enough to cope with snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures, thanks to their ‘double layered’ coat.

Thick Coat

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