9 Everyday Items That Are Becoming Too Expensive for the Middle Class

I guess big industries like their money more than they like saving lives. “It’s infuriating that it is so expensive when a lot of formulations haven’t changed much, if at all,” comments a user.

1. Insulin Insanity

“Movie theaters are overpriced candy stores that use movies to get you in the door.” That’s one interesting take! Users share how the popcorn will cost more than the ticket you paid for.

2. Cinemadness

Having to pay to be able to see should be illegal! It’s insane how overpriced frames can be. Adding to the frustration, vision care often falls outside basic medical coverage, leaving many feeling that they’re being taken advantage of by the eyewear industry.

3. Eye Poppin’ Prices

Remember the rockin’ days when concerts were affordable and the only thing breaking was a guitar string, not your wallet? Well, now, you need to start saving up months in advance.

4. Concert Tickets

As a parent, you want the best for your child, especially when it comes to their physical health. Many parents find the prices of extracurricular activities to be “outrageous.”

5. Extracurricular Extravagance

Buying a three-dollar taco meal for ten dollars? Pass! One shares that they can get a full plate at a local restaurant for the same price. With more affordable food choices available, discerning customers are seeking better value and quality alternatives for their dining experience.

6. Taco Toll

A simple handbag or a pair of shoes can cost a fortune simply because of the brand name attached to it. While luxury can be appealing, the price-to-product ratio seems absurdly skewed.

7. Label Larceny

A user shares that buying raw ingredients where they live is way cheaper than packaged materials. Plus, raw ingredients offer you freshness, untainted by preservatives.

8. Grocery Goldmine

Interestingly, as pointed out by one, “Evian spelled backward is naive.” And that’s precisely what you are if you purchase plain water for such a high amount. Life’s simplest and most essential things should not come at a premium.

9. Bottled Water Woes

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