7 Airlines With the Best In-Flight Food and Meals

As airlines bring back their meal programs, snack options (both complimentary and paid), and drink menus en masse, the return of such offerings has been met with mixed reviews.

Airlines with the best inflight food

A welcome departure from most other business-class meals, Ethiopian Airlines rolls out an assortment of traditional Ethiopian meat and vegetable dishes alongside the iconic injera flatbread that is used to scoop it all up

Ethiopian Airlines' traditional Ethiopian spread in business

It's a build your own adventure of rice, ground pork, and assorted veggies, which you stir together with the provided hot pepper Gochujang sauce (you add as little or as much as you want to reach your desired spice level) and bean paste.

Korean Air's bibimbap in economy

It includes two pieces of Tillamook's Sharp Cheddar, a wedge of brie, two triangles of Beecher's Flagship Handmade Cheese, five crackers, green and purple grapes, apple slices, and a Seattle Chocolate dark chocolate truffle.

Alaska Airlines' cheese plate

Food is one of the areas where Air France really shines, which I recently got to experience during a flight in the French carrier's newly updated business-class cabins.

Air France's Michelin-backed business-class meals

A few years ago, I redeemed points for ANA's magnificent first-class product called "The Suite" while traveling from New York to Tokyo

ANA's first-class Japanese multicourse feast

In another vote for ANA's food service, I have to give a nod to the vegan selection in economy.

ANA's vegan pasta in economy

Vegetarian meals on airplanes are even less inspired than standard meals. They come in two varieties: soggy pastas or greasy curries.

Austrian Airlines' vegetarian service in business

The drinks menu includes a "Gin Library" with a selection of spirits distilled on the island, and its blend of Nordic botanicals almost felt like an olfactory preview of what I'd be experiencing in a few hours

Icelandair's gin library in the premium seats

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