9 Walmart Brand Products You Should Never Buy

It can be tempting to save $15-$30 or more on kitchen appliances, but not if they stop working in way less than a year.

Kitchen Appliances

If you’re looking for glasses and dishes for the long haul, Walmart brand items might not be the best choice.

Glasses and Dishware

Saving a dollar or so each time you buy cereal might seem like a smart move, but not if the box sits in the pantry because no one’s eating it.


As for the Walmart-brand skin creams, Charbonier found that they had an overly chemical smell and feel, which made them unpleasant to use.

Equate Beauty Products

the dining chairs she purchased wobbled and became loose over time and the coffee table scratched and dented easily.

Mainstays Furniture

Before reaching for Great Value frozen pizza on your next Walmart shopping trip, learn from Charbonier’s experience.

Great Value Frozen Pizza

Charbonier said that some of the Great Value snack foods leave a lot to be desired.

Great Value Snack Foods

You would think that a frozen vegetable would be hard to mess up, but Great Value does a fantastic job

Great Value Frozen Broccoli

The other product I won’t purchase again is Great Value dill pickles

Great Value Dill Pickles

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