It is customary in Japan when entering a building, particularly a home, to take off your shoes. It isn’t something the host has to ask of their guests either.

The Japanese take off their shoes inside

A big part of their longevity of life can be attributed to the Japanese diet which consists of a lot of fish and seafood. Fish is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and has been proven to help prevent heart disease and cancer.

The Japanese eat more fish

Not only do the Japanese stay in shape because of their seafood-rich diet, they just seem to care much more about their overall appearance, too. (At least more than your average American woman who wears leggings as pants.

The Japanese care about appearance

The world can always use more kindness. As a parent, if I could only instill one thing in my daughter it would be kindness. And in Japan, kindness is second nature.

The Japanese value and practice kindness

In Japan, cartoons aren’t just for kids. There are plenty of cartoon-themed restaurants, Japanese anime movies for all ages, and anime stores that adults love and frequent, as well.

The Japanese love cartoons

Europeans already know the value of public transportation because most European countries have incredible rail service. But Japanese rail service is even better than in Europe!

The Japanese utilize public transportation

Everyone can agree that throwing garbage on the ground is a disgusting thing to do. Yet, walk down any street in New York City and you’ll find gum wrappers, cigarette butts, and fast food cups tossed on the ground.

The Japanese respect the environment

Regardless of the job, big or small, the Japanese seem to go the extra mile. In this world every job matters, and in Japan they seem to truly get that.

The Japanese put effort into every job

The Japanese aren’t just kind, they are extremely respectful people. Respect isn’t just a Japanese habit, it is deeply ingrained into the way of life in Japan.

The Japanese practice reverence and mindfulness

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