Barilla Is Releasing a New Pasta Shape This Month

When you think of the pasta aisle, there are always a few brands that stand out to you—one of them, likely, being the ever-iconic Barilla.

pasta aisle

In a world filled with decision fatigue, a tried-and-true like Barilla, with its countless shapes and brightly colored box, will never let you down.

decision fatigue

Barilla sells dozens of different pastas in all shapes and sizes

shapes and sizes

plus varieties outside its Classic Blue Box, like Chickpea, Ready Pasta, and Protein+.

shapes and sizes

It’s clear Barilla knows a thing or two about pastas—the company has been around and making homemade pasta since 1877.

clear Barilla

when it expands its line to include new pasta and shapes, we already know it’ll be great.

new pasta

The Protein+ pasta line has been around for years in seven varieties.

Protein+ pasta

he only change Barilla made to the protein-packed pasta is changing the recipe to include plant-based pulses, like chickpeas, lentils, and golden wheat, instead of the original egg.

change Barilla

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