Fly These Airlines if You Want To Land on Time

Frontier Airlines is a low-cost carrier that operates flights across the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Frontier Airlines

Allegiant Air is another low-cost airline that primarily serves domestic passengers in the U.S. seeking warmer locales for their vacations.

Allegiant Air

Based in Honolulu, Hawaiian Airlines operates flights to various destinations in the U.S., Asia, and the Pacific.

Hawaiian Airlines

One of the newer players on the scene, JetBlue is a lower-cost airline based in New York. They operate flights to destinations throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, and Latin America.


Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Alaska Airlines is a major airline that operates flights to various destinations throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Alaska Airlines

Based in Dallas, Southwest Airlines is another major airline that primarily services U.S. destinations.

Southwest Airlines

Spirit Airlines is known for its no-frills approach to air travel, offering low fares but charging extra for everything else, including seat selection and soft drinks.

Spirit Airlines

Onto the big three airlines for the final spots on our list, all with rankings within the 70th to 78th percentile.

United Airlines Network

This is quite the distinction. They have more than 900 aircraft in their fleet and trace their lineage all the way back to pioneer Charles Lindbergh

American Airlines Network

Delta lands 77.5% of its flights as scheduled, per 209 airports, and their stats buck the trend of branded partners being more punctual: 78% (143 airports) to 76.7% (175 airports).

Delta Air Lines Network

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