Southwest Airlines Commits $30 Million to SAF Producer LanzaJet

On February 28, Southwest Airlines made a significant move towards bolstering its commitment to sustainability by investing a substantial $30 million in LanzaJet, a prominent player in the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production sector.

The Dallas-based airline and LanzaJet are set to collaborate on the establishment of a SAF production facility within the United States, marking a pivotal step towards decarbonizing the aviation industry.

This strategic partnership not only underscores Southwest's dedication to environmental sustainability but also signifies a tangible effort to actively contribute to the reduction of the airline industry's carbon footprint.

The $30 million investment from Southwest Airlines is expected to catalyze the development of a cutting-edge SAF production facility in the United States, with Southwest positioned as the primary user of the sustainable fuels generated at this facility.

LanzaJet, recognized for its expertise in sustainable aviation fuel production, will leverage its core production technology to create fuel from emerging commercial residue-based feedstock solutions. The emphasis on utilizing residual feedstock solutions aligns with the industry's commitment to finding sustainable alternatives and minimizing reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

The SAF production facility in focus will not only serve as a hub for creating sustainable aviation fuel but will also facilitate collaboration with SAFFiRE Renewables, another company that Southwest Airlines recently invested in.

SAFFiRE Renewables specializes in corn stover-to-ethanol technology, a process that involves converting the leftover material from corn fields, including stalks, leaves, and cobs, into ethanol. Southwest's investment in SAFFiRE Renewables underscores its multifaceted approach to sustainability, encompassing various technologies and solutions that align with its long-term environmental goals.

The latest investment in LanzaJet represents a pivotal move in Southwest Airlines' sustainability roadmap, reinforcing its commitment to embracing alternative, environmentally friendly fuels. The airline's goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 receives a substantial boost through strategic investments in companies like LanzaJet.

Prior to this, the airline had already forged partnerships with industry leaders such as Neste, SAFFiRE, Velocys, Marathon Petroleum, and Phillips 66, indicative of its sustained commitment to exploring and adopting innovative solutions for sustainable air travel.

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