The most reliable retailer to charge an EV in America? IKEA

IKEA is the only major retailer with U.S. locations that offer electric vehicle charging at nearly 100% of stores.

Major retailer

Just one in every 14 big box stores and one in every 15 grocery stores surveyed has nearby EV chargers.

14 big box stores

The worst offenders are discount stores — namely Big Lots, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar

worst offenders

Out of their combined 37,825 locations, just two of them offer a collective five EV charging ports.


IKEA is one of the very few exceptions to retailers’ general snubbed nose toward EV infrastructure, according to CR.

Few exceptions

The Netherlands-based discount furniture seller is the only retailer that offers EV charging ports at almost all of its U.S. stores, of which IKEA has 54.

discount furniture seller

The chargers are part of the Swedish company’s aim to reach climate positivity by 2030.

Swedish company’s aim

In the grocery sector, Amazon — which buys electric trucks from Rivian — and regional supermarkets like Big Y and Hy-Vee offer EV charging at over 10% of their locations; however, millennial-favorite Trader Joe’s and Aldi are lagging behind.

grocery sector

Pennsylvania’s favorite — and divisive — sons, Wawa and Sheetz, are leading the convenience store segment in electrification, while Walgreens has pushed ahead of CVS in the drugstore segment.

Pennsylvania’s favorite

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