The Single Best Thing To Buy at Costco in March 2024

Heading to Costco for a shopping run this month? Starting March 5 through March 31, Costco members will be able to shop sales in-warehouse and online across departments like groceries, home improvement, clothing, furniture and much more.

GOBankingRates looked at the new Costco member-only savings guide and spoke to Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at, to determine which Costco buys are worth your money in March.

March is National Frozen Food Month which means sales will be running across various grocery chains and warehouse clubs on a variety of frozen foods like pizza, ice cream, appetizers, meats and more.

Runner-Up: Milton’s Cauliflower Crust Pizza (Roasted Vegetable)

Spring is just around the corner and many shoppers will be purchasing various cleaning supplies this month as part of their spring cleaning efforts.

Runner-Up: Home and Body Hand Soap (8-Pack)

Early spring is often cited as good timing to shop for deals on gardening tools. Our winning item to shop online at Costco is the Fiskars Pruner and PowerGear Lopper Set which will be on sale until March 31.

Winner: Fiskars Lopper and Hand Pruner Set

Each set includes a pruner and lopper which use PowerGear patented gear technology to give you up to three times more power on every cut.

“I purchased this last year as a backup for my beloved Kirkland pruners,” wrote prariegal. “Neighbor helped with cutting back hedges and LOVED the power and ease of cutting with the large pruner.”

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