7 Worst Things to Buy at Hobby Lobby

While all economy tickets on airplanes were once the same, airlines have integrated a new type of fare called Basic Economy over time.

Avoid the middle seat.

If you're trying to save money and looking at discount airlines like Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit, make sure you know what you're getting — and what you're not getting

Frontier Airlines plane.

Not all planes are created equal, and looking over itineraries and flights can help you figure out which ones have the best seating options.

Delta seatback screens.

A nice travel pillow can help you get more comfortable whether you typically sleep on planes or not.

Infinity pillow

Wear comfortable clothing on your flight, including layers that let you tailor your outfit to the temperature on board.


Flying can be downright boring, and you never know when your flight's wifi could be down.

Woman using wi-fi during plane flight.

Airport food is notoriously overpriced, and there are situations where you may not have time to grab something anyway.

water and snacks

Basic Economy passengers also board the plane dead last, which means you may not have any overhead bin space anyway.

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