Lawsuit Filed Over Potential Hawaiian-Alaska Merger

A private lawsuit seeking to obstruct the proposed merger between Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines may alleviate concerns regarding the Department of Justice's stance on the matter. 

In New York District Court for the Southern District of New York, a shareholder of Hawaiian Airlines initiated legal proceedings to contest the acquisition. 

The lawsuit includes in what appears to be a comprehensive filing the following individuals and entities affiliated with Hawaiian Holdings. 

Chairman of the board Lawrence Hershfield, CEO Peter Ingram, Crystal Rose, Wendy Beck, Earl Fry, Craig Vosburg, Richard Zwern, and Jayne Hrdlicka, all of whom are Hawaiian board directors.

A portion of the fuselage of an Alaska Airlines aircraft was detonated during flight, prompting the filing of the lawsuit earlier this month.

In regard to the proposed $1.9 billion merger, Hawaiian Airlines has designated February 16 as the shareholder vote date. Approval is probable given that the reported return per share exceeds $18. 

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